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Help Wanted
Get into concerts for free! Have an excuse to talk to local musicians...and famous ones too! Take advantage of our killer access into the local music scene! Start building your career in the music industry!
Run by San Diego musicians, for San Diego musicians, is dedicated to supporting our local scene. We are always looking for people as crazy about local music as we are to help. Here's what we're looking for right now, contact us to let us know if you are interested in any of these positions. Each job should only take up a few hours of your time per week, with perhaps one meeting with other team members to coordinate efforts. All team members must have a computer, a connection to the Internet, and at least some Web experience. Note that these are unpaid positions, we hope to eventually sell ads so we can all get paid for this, but for now remains a labor of love!

Artists Liaison: We work with the 1000+ bands and solo musicians that are "active" in our local scene at any given time. The Artist Liaison works directly with the artists, updating their calendars and sites and doing other band-specific stuff. We also have an archive of thousands of songs by local musicians, and we run a successful online store. The Artists Liaison will help us with both these important local resources. The more audio digitizing experience you already have, the better, but we will train. This is a perfect position for someone trying to get to know the local bands, and build their reputation in the music industry.

Staff Writers: Writers get access to concerts for FREE, review CDs, and interview bands. This includes local bands AND major national acts and tours! If you have writing skills, we can get you the music writing experience you are after. We are seeking 3 or 4 writers, and one writer to act as a coordinator (this person gets first pick of all concert access!). See below for that job...

Sales Reps: We need motivated EXPERIENCED sales types to help sell ads on our heavily trafficed site. We get almost a million hits a month, and we already have a list of potential advertisers lined up, so if you are looking for part-time commissioned sales to motivated advertisers, we want to hear from you now! Experience selling Web ads is a MAJOR plus. These reps will also be in charge of our Tradezone section.

Event Coordinators: We do Web sites for lots of major local annual events, like,, (regrettably, no longer active!) and more. That means every month or two we have some kind of event we're involved in. We need help planning events, getting materials and partnership deals together, setting up and breaking down our booth, and being there to meet and greet our potential clients: The musicians of San Diego. This is a great job for someone who loves marketing. We have tons of fun at these events, and all our team members are always invited!

Triage Expert: Since we've been around for so long, we act as a central communications hub for the entire world when they are looking for information about the San Diego music scene. Just like a "triage expert" in a hospital, this team member will handle all incoming calls and emails, deciding what's important, what can get a "standard reply," and what to ignore. All you need is access to a phone and email, and a desire to know way more about the local music scene than you'd ever hoped.

Tradezone Manager: The San Diego music scene supports a sizeable "trade zone" which we break up into two piles: Resources for fans and resources for musicians. This team member helps us stay on top of this ever-changing list of very important resources. From where musicians find equipment and people to play with to where fans find out where the bands are playing and where to buy their music. Wanna know more about the local music industry than anybody on the planet? This position is for you!

Calendar Manager: With over 1000 "active" local bands at any given moment, and over 100 very important venues supporting local music, there is no such thing as a single place to find out EVERYTHING that's going on in town musically on a given night. We hope to change all that, and we need a team member that can help make that a reality.

Articles Manager: Already a writer, or interested in becoming a music writer? How about managing a team of writers, flowing their submissions into the Web site, and managing a calendar of events we have been welcomed to cover? We already have KILLER "access" to major and minor local venues, for acts huge and small, and anyone craving that kind of "super-insider" access would be perfect for this job.

Contact us to discuss these positions. Email us your experience (and a resume, if you have one). Links to any Web sites you've worked on or been involved with would be great. We would love to hear from you!