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Run by San Diego musicians, for San Diego musicians, SDAM.com is dedicated to supporting our local scene. We now have over 1200 local artists on our pages as more local bands keep taking us up on our free Web page offer.
Keep 'em coming!
We also offer our killer Commerce Package to San Diego based artists, and awesome local legends like Earl Thomas, the Mar Dels, and many more have taken us up on this offer. Who are you going to trust with your important Web site? How about the definitive local leaders! Go ahead, have someone else handle your site, but keep in mind we'll still be here after they screw it up for you!

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Here's who does all this work! See below for some photos:

Michael K. Breen
Webmaster, founder, fearless leader, crazy man in charge, plays bass and guitar and sings, currently lead singing with the DogRockets.
Sean Simpson
Database guru, band contact, second-in-charge, currently performing solo classical guitar.
Chuck Schiele
Graphics expert, he'll be helping us with our complete overhaul and redesign.

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Photos from our "ReLaunch Party" of July 28th 2004.
Photos by official SDAM.com photographer John Baldi
Check out the email broadcast - press release - and flyer from that event, here's the Web banner:

Damien of "Cilantro" won the killer Carvin jacket. That's Damien on the left, with Ellenike, Michael and Sean of SDAM.com

Sean, Colby and Michael congratulate themselves on surviving the complete redesign of the site!

That's Joseph Guiste of Isle N Style Restaurant and Catering, with Sean and Michael...Joseph is from Dominica...so he knows how to cook spicy!

SDAM.com is a subsidiary of Outside The Box, Southern California's most experienced Web consultants.