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Independent Musicians Packages is THE one-stop source for enabling your music on the Web. If you are an independent band - currently unsigned to a major label - we can help you reach a worldwide audience for your music. We will stream your audio, post your bios and gigs on our calendar and sell your CDs and other merchandise in our online store - all with a minimum of hassle to you. Take a look at what we offer:

Just $299/setup
plus $29/month (with credit card), or $299/year

This is the one you want!! You get your own domain ( and all of the main Web site features, including calendar, audio with lyrics, bio, press, photos, contact form and newsletter. We digitize your CD audio, update your info and forward all your emails to your existing email address. Includes all hosting fees (domain name registration fees of about $25/year not included)

Examples: - - - - -

Just $149/setup
plus $14.99/month (with credit card) or $149/year

We will build a site with home page, calendar, and audio page (at, digitize up to 5 of your tracks, and help you maintain your site.

Examples: - -

Exactly what it says - a no frills presence: band name & contact on the already popular San Diego Area Music ( site. Available *only* to artists based in San Diego CA USA

For over 1000 examples, visit our ONLINE STORE ONLY - NO COST
For those bands who already have their own Web site, we also give you the opportunity to sell your merch in the Online Store on the same terms as the Commerce Package above.

For more information, check out the detailed description of our packages, or use our contact form if you have questions.