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My Favorite Neo-folk Artists

Actually, this is just an excuse to include a list of my favorite whatever (in this case, artists) like every other cybergeek has on his or her personal home page. Remember how I said that my music is neo-folk? Well, many of these artists also fit in this category (or almost, anyway). I think they've been very influential and inspiring for me, lately. I hope you enjoy them, too.
Shawn Colvin

That's Shawn with a `w' - for a woman's name. She's got a cool voice, plays guitar very well (though they tend to hide it in the mix, unfortunately) and is a good songwriter.

John Gorka
This man has the most incredible baritone voice! He's also a really good guitarist and has a rather distinctive and easy-to-listen-to style. (There's this strumming thing he does in the middle of a fingerstyle section of the songs that is so cool...) Also, he has a knack for turning an otherwise- everyday phrase and making it interesting.

Nanci Griffith

NG might just be my favorite, right now. Her songwriting sometimes borders on Texas-country (which not everyone likes), but I think her tunes are really great. The production on her latest albums has been very well- done with just the right combination of a lot of interesting acoustic instruments. She's got this great way of saying, ``Thankyou" that you really need to hear for yourself.

Janis Ian

Most people probably would recognize ``At Seventeen" if they heard it. (``I learned the truth at seventeen, ta-da ta-dum ta-dee dee- dum..." You know, from the seventies?) Well, she's back and her songs are still great. Saw her on t.v. a while back and she's an even better guitarist than is apparent in some of her music. (Though I always thought she sounded good...)

Indigo Girls

Everybody already knows about these ladies, so I won't say much. Great harmonies, well-written lyrics and awesome guitars. `Nuff said.

Patty Larkin

I'm surprised at how few people I talk to have heard of her. I know I keep saying everybody is good at guitars (and they are), but I think Larkin is phenomenal. She's really creative, has a very smooth alto voice and I love her songs. They're catchy without being boring and repetitious. Find Angels Running if you can.

Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega was a very important discovery for me, as she was really the first neo-folk artist I became aware of. She is an awesome, songwriter - it's really poetry set to music. That doesn't usually work out very well, but Vega makes it work. She has a very smooth, distinctive voice, and the stories within her songs are interesting and thought-provoking. Each of her albums is different in one way or other, and I recommend all of them.

Kate Wolf

Kate Wolf is known for doing folk when no one else would (way back in the eighties). I really think she probably had a lot to do with the new revival. Her music might be considered pretty ``classic" folk. It's very refreshing and her voice is lovely. I appreciate that she writes a lot about California. Unfortunately, she died a number of years ago, but she has quite a few recordings to remember her by.

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