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Songs that Begin with ``And..."

You may be wondering why I'm keeping track of all the songs that I can think of that begin with the word ``And," and you would be right to do so. Let me explain. As a songwriter and just your general user of the English language, I have wondered why somebody who's trying to say something in a song would start with ``and." I mean, they haven't said anything, yet, so I'm thinking, ``and" what? Are we coming in in the middle of a conversation? Are they just trying to take up extra word-space? Well, maybe you don't wonder, yourself, or maybe you're wondering just how boring my life really is. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna publish this list anyway. Wow! A glimpse into the mind of one who's begun songs with ``And...". Can you believe the plethora of information available on the Web?
Thanks to all for your contributions, and keep those songs coming!
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