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  • Dan Bender: vocals, bass.
  • Joe McBride: percussion, vocals.
  • Dan Perry: guitars, bass.
  • Joe Boylan: guitars, bass, vocals.
  • Brian Sinclair: drums.

Schmok is a band from Philadelphia which has earned critical praise for their album "Schmoktoberfest" which has been called, "really good, a lot camp value, fun to listen to and great driving music" by Tim Allen of; "As good as anything out there in music today" by Joe Murray of Officer Anthony's Web Page of Love. They followed that up with "No Substance, No Depth." They are currently recording their fourth album with some new personnel. They have added Dan Bender, who appeared in the film "The Sixth Sense," as their singer/bassist. The band's style spans many genres including hard rock, blues and even folk music. For info and Cds and Tapes email Schmok at

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