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The Beacon March 5, 1998

I wanted it more than you did.
I said ‘love' —
You hid.

These direct words are from the tune “I’m Alright” on the new Kitten With a Whip disc, “Strength”. The CD release party for this poppy, rock-tinged album is Friday, March 6 at Tia Leo’s in Bay Park.
     As I write this I've just reached the 10th song. “
I Believe in Me”, and although it's sort of lazy and derivative to describe a band by comparing it to another artist, KWHIP’s tunes and singer Audrey Moesch’s lyrics remind me of something: a less profane and more friendly Liz Phair record with guitar solos
Audrey’s Phoenix-rising from-the-mess-of-relationships lyrics are self-affirming like Phair’s, just a little less cynical. Unlike Phair, Audrey seems to be more considered with solutions - mainly personal ones - than with blaming others for her problems, which is refreshing.
Rick Favale and bassist Jason Ballard provide a solid grooving rhythm section on “Strength” that enables Mark Cover to splash guitar solos here and there, and a random uncredited horn adds a nice flavor to the tune “Petty Things”.
     Maybe it’s the moving-on theme that resonates throughout this record. but I think it will make a nice soundtrack to the upcoming transitional spring months, corny as that may sound.

Vision Magazine June, 1998

Kitten With A Whip

(PokerFace Records)

San Diego’s alternative band, Kitten With a Whip, is an exciting group who successfully blends rock, alternative and soul music. Leader Audrey Moesch is a talented vocalist and guitarist who writes great lyrics, has strong convictions and a die-hard spirit.
     Moesch propelled the ‘8Os all-female bands
Ready or Not and Luna, which were well received by fans and radio deejays alike. Her current band’s new CD is Strength, a project produced by Josquin des Pres (a collaborator with Bernie Taupin, Elton John’s lyricist on many of his most popular hits).
     Strong songs here are “
I’m Alright”; “Don't Wanna Please You”; “I Believe In Me”; and “The Strength”.
Kitten With a Whip is a group with success written all over them!

—B. Speed

SLAMM Magazine February, 1998

Kitten With A Whip
3 Stars)

Kitten With A Whip’s new CD Strength shows that this alternative/groove band is more than another garage rock act. The opening track “For You” is strong and funky — it reflects the talents of lead singer/songwriter Audrey Moesch. One of Kitten With A Whip’s strengths is its solid rhythm section that features Rick Favale on drums and a grooving bass solo by Jason Ballard. Mark Cover shows off throughout this ten song compilation with his blazing leads on guitar. The female-fronted ensemble delivers a blend of rock, funk and world music enriched by soaring melodies, guitar-driven force and a solid rhythmic feel. Other standout tracks include: “I’m Alright,” and “I Believe In Me,” which reflects the inner strength that comes from making it through painful breakups. Moesch mixes high-energy fun with strong-willed lyrics, singing “take away your love, but mine will last forever, you won’t get me down, because I believe in me…” Strength represents another worthy production by Josquin des Pres (Bernie Taupin, Steve Albini).

—Tracy Page

San Diego Union-Tribune March 5, 1998

Kitten With A Whip "Strength" (PokerFace Records)
on’t let that dominatrix-in-training name give you too many kinky ideas. There is nothing particularly exotic about Kitten With A Whip or its debut album, but there are enough promising rock ‘n’ roll moments to suggest that a thrill or two could lie ahead. Mark Cover's fuzz-bomb guitars treat "Prudence in a Jar" and the otherwise predictable “Change” to welcome jolts of psychedelia. Bassist Jason Ballard and drummer Rick Favale guide “For You” and “Petty Things” away from the mainstream into challenging funk-rock waters. And while singer Audrey Moesch doesn't have much in the way of range, her sly vocals and scrappy independence give “I'm Alright” and “I Believe in Me” a girl-group bite that sounds anything but retro. Producer Josquin Des Pres may go for the gleam, but “Strength”s stong suit is its rough mix of textures and genres. And while the members of Kitten With A Whip might be gunning for airplay, they sound better when the static creeps in.

— Karla Peterson

PhonoLog May 1996

If you still doubt that San Diego is the place to be, better check out Kitten With A Whip, an alternapop quartet named after Ann-Margaret's classic excercise in campiness. But guitarist/vocalist Audrey Moesch doesn't need to bother playing a seductive vamp — her quiet introspection (“When You're Gone”) and self-affirming philosophy (“I Believe In Me”) betray a strength quite different from that of a leather-clad dominatrix. The group’s self-titled debut EP is a hook-laden set that evokes hints of The Pretenders, Bob Marley and Belly.
(Visual Rhythm Productions)



Kitten With a Whip, San Diego’s female-fronted, alternative/groove band had the privilege of performing for the Suzuki Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon which helped raise over $15 million dollars for the Leukemia Society of America.

     The group's stage, near the beautiful San Diego bay at Spanish Landing park at a crucial 22.7 mile mark, was part of the third largest marathon in the United States, propelled by over 18,000 runners and featuring 26 areas for bands to showcase their music and encourage the runners on. A post- race concert featured Pat Benatar and Huey Lewis and the News.

     Regarding their musical inspiration James Herbert of the San Diego Union-Tribune says, “After all, if a band like Kitten With a Whip can’t pep up runners toward the end of the race, all the Gatorade on the globe isn't going to do it.”

     Kitten With a Whip's music was also featured on ESPN’s documentary of the race to battle leukemia as well as on Channel 8 News in San Diego.

     The band, which consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Audrey Moesch, lead guitarist Mark Cover, drummer Rick Favale and bassist Lance V. Goode, performed a high energy, grooving set of songs from their new CD “Strength” which was produced by Josquin des Pres, who collaborates with Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s lyricist).

     “It was an honor and inspiration to perform for these runners who gave all their might to help solve the problem of leukemia,” says singer Moesch.

     Kitten With a Whip has performed an eclectic blend of rock, funk and world music for almost three years. They recently jammed at opening day of the Del Mar Fair, headlined famous showcase bar ‘Canes and opened for the JGB Band featuring Jerry Garcia Band members at 4th & B.



Band Receives Positive Responses From 3 out of 4 Industry Panelists

SAN DIEGO, CA --October 25, 1996 — Local alternative rock group Kitten With A Whip aired the original demo recording of their song “I Believe in Me” on KUPR 95.7 FM during the “Mr. Pink’s Roundtable” segment on Wednesday, October 23 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Three of the show's four industry panelists were impressed with the group's songwriting, including well-known artist Mojo Nixon, Jonathan L of Virtually Alternative magazine, and Ted Edwards of Virgin Records.

     “I have to say the quality of local music in San Diego has risen considerably,” gushed host Mr. Pink immediately after the song was aired. Added Mojo Nixon, “I liked it, I thought it was good.” Ted Edwards, former program director at KGB radio and now with Virgin Records, commented that the production quality of the demo track was not up to modern day radio standards, but he was enthusiastic about the songwriting quality and added, “I think there is potential there.”

     Jonathan L, the influential editor of Virtually Alternative, countered Mr. Edwards by saying, “I really don't care about production. It was my kind of record. It was minimalistic and raw...I like that sound.”

     Fronted by singer/guitarist Audrey Moesch, Kitten With A Whip delivers a refreshing blend of soaring melodies and guitar-driven rock and roll. The band consists of Moesch (whose past credits include leading San Diego all-female bands Luna and Ready or Not) and fellow guitarist Mark Cover, Dave Brown on drums, and Mike Donaldson on bass.

     Mr. Pink's Roundtable is a weekly live radio show broadcast on KUPR 95.7 (Carlsbad, CA). The segment consists of panel discussions with music industry veterans and features music from local artists as well as national acts. Listener comments are also fielded and presented for discussion.

The Reader—‘
Blurt July 31st, 1997

Beef jerky, socks - how about some rock and roll?
Most bands wouldn’t consider doing a Saturday morning gig at Kobey’s Sports Arena Swap Meet. Kitten with a Whip recently went for it though, and, according to singer- guitarist Audrey Moesch, it went over well enough.
     “It was good that we could play to all ages, people that we don't normally play to,” says Moesch. “We brought tapes and sold more than we usually do at gigs.” Moesch laughs when asked how many. “It doesn’t sound that good when I tell you — about six...We put out a tip jar, and we made more than we make at some of the shows we do at clubs.” Moesch laughs again and declines to say how much coin they took in from bargain- hunters.
     It could have been worse - the two-year-old, four-piece rock band didn't have to rent the space from
Kobey’s. Serdar Canogullari, director of vendors at Kobey’s says his company only charges bands that play the swap meet regularly.
     "I will accommodate any band here [for a day] as long as they don't blast the whole Sports Arena," says
Canogullari. "It's entertainment for the shoppers." Canogullari says he doesn't listen to tapes in advance to judge whether music might be loud or offensive to shoppers. “I briefly explain to [the band] that if it's too loud I might have to ask them to leave.” Though they were considered too loud by some, Kitten With A Whip didn't get the boot.
     “At first it was kind of aggravating because security told us to turn down,” says
Moesch. “[Vendors] in the other aisles, they were afraid that we were attracting their customers away from them...Eventually, our sound did get louder and nobody seemed to notice. I think because there were more people there.”
Moesch says because her band doesn’t have four and a half hours of material, they improvised toward the end, which seemed to attract more people.
     Any plans to play the Sports Arena (parking lot) again?
     “We were thinking [about it] and maybe having more T-shirts ready.”

— R.A.M.

Kitten Was Kickin’ (A Fan’s Response) Sept. 11, 1997

Regarding the ‘Blurt’ in the Reader ofJuly 3l, the interview R.A.M. did with Miss Moesch of Kitten With A Whip who played at the Kobey's Swap Meet was shallow and superficial and cast a poor light. In asking questions of her, you commented that not many bands bother to play on a Saturday morning at the Kobey’s Swap Meet, letting people know that you really didn't think much of the Kitten With A Whip. He did himself a disservice, because he has never heard the band, and us a disservice in that we, the readers, are more ignorant of Kitten With A Whip than before. I heard them at Java Joe’s, 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., Friday August 8, and Kitten was kickin’. The bald guitarist is incredible in doing riffs; the jam session at the end, everybody in the room went wild for. As journalist, R.A.M. I ask that you do some research. That is a writer's job after all, if you are really wanting to be one.

P.S.: On
91X, Kitten With A Whip was cited as proof that there is still good music in San Diego.

— Todd Evans
Claremont Mesa


KITTEN WITH A WHIP: Rock with claws, baby!