Kitten With a Whip’s latest CD only release, Strength on PokerFace Records (KWCD-001) is now available throughout the greater San Diego area at Music Trader.

Hear samples from this album by clicking on the song title!

For You
I Believe In Me
I’m Alright
Petty Things
The Strength

And don't miss this internet-only opportunity to purchase their self-titled (cassette only) debut EP!

Gone, Gone, Gone
Love Isn’t Bad
When You’re Gone

If you’d like to purchase these releases directly from
Kitten With A Whip, Please send $12 for each CD and $6 for each cassette (postage & handling included) to:

Kitten With A Whip
P.O. BOX 15002
San Diego, CA 92175-5002

or via


KITTEN WITH A WHIP: Rock with claws, baby!