Kitten With A Whip

“San Diego's alternative band, Kitten With a Whip, is an exciting group who successfully blends rock, alternative and soul music. Leader Audrey Moesch is a talented vocalist and guitarist who writes great lyrics, has strong convictions and a die-hard spirit.” - - Vision Magazine

Formed in 1995 by female bandleader Moesch and tasty blues guitarist Mark Cover, Kitten with a Whip aspired to let their love for playing many styles of music get people rocking and dancing the world over. Invigorated by this concept, drummer Rick Favale, bassist Jason Ballard and later bassist Kasey Mills contributed their hard-driving, grooving rhythms, further solidifying the band's well-crafted sound.

In 1998, the band released their CD Strength, which was produced by Josquin des Pres (who's worked with Bernie Taupin and Nirvana's producer Steve Albini). The album received accolades from the local media.

Diverse as the music they play, Kitten's public performances include: San Diego's KUSI Morning News, the national Suzuki Rock `n' Roll Marathon covered on ESPN, radio airplay on college and alternative stations such as 91X , as well as their home town's top clubs and prestigious outdoor festivals such as 1998's SuperFest, celebrating the Super Bowl held in San Diego.

The band's new estrogen-charged millennium lineup features three women on the front line -- Moesch, bassist Laura Payne and guitarist Kris Brew. Recently converted heavy metal drummer Michael Caldwell propels the beat.

This sure fire formation plans to record a new CD in 2001 and play throughout California and beyond with the same goal of rocking the house and moving the feet.

Kitten With A Whip
P.O. BOX 15002
San Diego, CA 92175-5002

Hotline: (619) 907-3375



KITTEN WITH A WHIP: Rock with claws, baby!