Mikey's Coffeehouse - last show June 20 2001!
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Editor's Note: We got this note from Joe Rathburn, about the upcoming close of Mikey's. As you can see from the note, Joe has been working for a while to help this important local music venue. Please check out this "last show" and support the new Mikey's, if they succeed in re-opening the venue!

Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001
Subject: Mikey's Last Night In It's Old Location! Read On!

Hi Everyone, Wednesday, June 20th 2001 will be the last night of business for Mikey's Coffeehouse as we know it. I have the honor of being the last artist to perform there, but I'll be sharing that honor with some friends.

Though I'll be there solo since my band can't make it due to prior bookings, there'll be plenty o'friends to help me see the old building out and ring in the future for Mikey's. As for the schedule, the only thing certain is that the opening act will be none other than Jeffrey Joe Morin (the fella who played harmonica on Somebody Else's Blues on my CD Little Suns) with four of his friends in a band they call Noonie and the Nictones. Knowing Jeffrey's ample talent as I do, a fine interpreter of blues, ballads, and heartbreak laments, as well as a fine guitarist and songwriter, I know we're in for a real treat. He wouldn't join a band with just anyone.

I also know that Jim Earp, John Katchur, Dani Carroll, Calman Hart, and Jeff Berkley are all planning on being there and will perform as well. There may even be a Redwoods reunion for a song or two? Who knows who else might show for such an auspicious occasion? D.R. Auten (who plays there the night before) said he'll try to drop in too.

I've heard, as I'm sure many of you have, that Mike's working on a lease agreement for another location and plans to try and open soon after the old store closes. Closing the old store however entails a LOT of hard work to put it back the way it was when he moved in, and he only has 'til the 30th to do it. If you come on Wednesday and have the desire and availability to help, please let Mike know that you're available to help him either demolish the old store, or put the new one together.

Once again I wanna thank all of you who gave money and encouragement during the original Save Mikey's campaign. That effort was successful in so many ways I can't begin to list 'em. Suffice it to say that a lot of people came together for a common cause, and that is a real victory in this day and age. I think if it weren't for your love and support, and this is my opinion and only conjecture, Mike might not have decided to try again in a new location. So, after all is said and done, we still won!

See ya there!
Joe Rathburn