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This form is for event submissions to the SDAM calendar. Eventually, we will be giving each artist and venue their own password-protected form, so we can "accept" their submissions immediately. For now, we are opening this form up to everyone, and we'll move the submissions into the calendar on a regular basis by hand. Submissions are emailed to Please enter each artist and starting time one at at time. When you "submit" this form you can use the "back" command on your browser to put in another artist or gig.
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Genre (choose up to 3, or none at all) PLEASE NOTE: We are *not* asking bands to pigeon-hole themselves here. What we hope to do is be able to ask the music listener what they want to hear, then lead them to artists who may fit their expectations. So, ask yourself: "If someone chose one of these particular descriptions of music, would they probably like this particular artist?" not "What kind of band is this?"
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Created: 11.30.96