Wide Open
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  • Bam Bam Smurph - drums
  • Captain Cola Smurph - guitar
  • Dirty Smurph - vocals, bong
  • Lyin Smurph - bass
  • Super Smurph - vocals

With mixing comes matching, and these five smurphs have found the way to match. Based out of San Diego, Ca., Wide Open is the first and only group of hip-rock-hop-riders to do Ghetto Metal. Never afraid to try something new, their song development is best described as easy. It is never a surprise when every crowd instinctively yells encore at the end of a set. Just completing their third EP, Wide Open is set to do some regional touring before taking on the world.

Contact Wide Open
Street Address:
5049 cape may Ave
san diego, ca 92167

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