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  • Sean Jones - vocals, Guitar
  • Szabolcs Szafko - guitar, Vocals
  • Cody Stumpo - bass
  • Dave Nicolardi - keyboard, Guitar
  • David Cerwonka - drums

Just when you thought the music died it has been resurrected. Twin Dynamo revives the sounds of the unknown familiar geared to transmit its vibrations among the starving masses of a hopeful generation. They call it “Exis Music." Their original songs are saturated with elements of mood changes, as if being awoken from a surreal dream by the sound of an electric orchestra. Every song is doused with meaningful lyrics and catchy hooks that will lead you on a new journey with each successive listen. Twin Dynamo’s musical style can be compared to a mixture of musical genres spanning generations of American/British alternative-rock, stemming from the late 60’s to the modern sounds of today. Twin Dynamo was born in the fall of 2000 in San Diego, California. In May 2001, Twin Dynamo spent their first professional recording session at The Sandbox in Los Angeles with Rick Parker as co-producer/engineer. Spending two 12-hour days in the studio recording and mixing on all digital format, they cut their first 5-song E.P. selected off a powerful set list of original material. After months of building their foundations and erecting their musical creation, they hit the club scene to spread their charisma. With their dream in hand, Twin Dynamo fired the starting gun and set forth on a mission to sweep the record industry. Performing throughout the club circuits of San Diego and Los Angeles, their history of club appearances include The Whisky, Roxy, Lush, Cat Club, Hard Rock Café, Belly Up Tavern, Winston’s, Blind Melons, The Casbah, San Diego Gas Lamp Quarter and much more. The members of Twin Dynamo are Sean Jones on lead vocals/guitar, Szabolcs Szafko on lead guitar, Dave Nicolardi on guitar/keyboards, Cody Stumpo on bass and David Cerwonka on drums. Each member comes from an experienced musical background and contributes equally where they have quickly formed a good-natured camaraderie. Their strong personal relationship and fluent musicianship allows them to build well-crafted songs. Together, Twin Dynamo desires to win the hearts of a respected audience and gain a lasting impact on today’s and tomorrow’s popular music.

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