Lyrics: B. Soliday

The night moves through the cracks of you,
And the light tries hard to shine through.
Sadly. its hard for me to tell,
If you are really there at all.

Like a shell of a man that is lost,
Back and forth you dangle on the cross.
Knowing the fence you sit upon,
Will soon give way to your fall.

In the midst of a raging storm,
We huddle close to find the warmth.
Beneath the sky of our own vain,
Seeking the shelter from the rain.

See the bush burning as it speeks,
While the Virgin Mary learns to weep.
Finally, the flower learns to grow,
In spite of things it does not know.

* You need a place to hide,
And you try but you can't find no shelter


lyrics: T. Gamboa, B. Soliday, R. Varvil

Pushing, and I still can't get through-
Your door's not open and there's nothin that I can do.
You're like an elevator going up and down-
First you tell me that you need me than you're not around.
So, I'm not the same as when we met-
Well, let me tell you something that I hope you wont forget-
I'm like a Phoenix rising from the ashes,
Or even Jesus guiding all the masses.

* I'm trying to speak my mind.
Am I just wasting all my time?
'Cause you never talk to me-
Never talk, you never talk,
No, you never speak your mind

First off, can we get one thing straight?
I didn't ever mean to hurt you, or to make you feel second rate.
Now, condecending thoughts might try to pull you down-
It'll be much easier to get your feet back on the ground.
And as we take another step,
Remember that it's harder to forgive than to forget.
Your'e like a drug, and baby I just need your fix-
So don't you hang me upon your rusty crucifix.


lyrics: R. Varvil

Do you recognize me, am I someone you should know?
Will you rectify me, am I your favorite son?

If you crucify me, reduse my image to dust.
When you crucify me, I'm the reflection of your expectations.

* I'm heading for a change, how do you like me now?
I'm felling like a new man, how do you like me now?
How do you like me now, how do you like me now
Because I'm the real thing

Do you think I'm crazy, am I a freak in your show?
If you need chastise me, I'm the reflection of your expectations.


lyrics: B. Soliday, R. Varvil

We drift
Just a feather in the wind
We change
Like a leaf, but, do we change right back again?

Close the window now
I can't stand not feeling down.
Desperation always has its way with me,
Like the sun, the moon, and the stars surrounding.

*Have you left me here,
Have you gone away?
Will I walk alone today?
Will I walk alone through days that change?
I sit and wonder while the seasons fade.
Every wasted day remains the same,
Our days are numbered if we fail to change our ways.

When winter days grew cold
We made angels in the snow

Now, you can't tell me you don't think of days gone by,
Like laying by the fire, and slowly watching it die.


lyrics: J. Woltz

I lay awke in my mind, 2 am
I know this because the color
Of blackness on the inside
Of my eyelids.
Sounds and feelings merge together
In my lucid mind.
I'm quite aware of the outside world
Staring at me in vain.

the darkness is engulfing,
And yet, somehow, a comforting shell.
My limbs are paralized with fear,
Not fear of fear of existing
In this permanent state.

Memories, distant and intangible, Like
The muffled cries of loved ones and friends,
Falling deeper into nothingness, weakhearted
Fear and intrepidation encompasses me
Praying is all I have.

* Falling! Spinning!
There is no one here at all, this is a cruel illusion
Please let this all be a dream, with blue skies surrounding
This is my reality!
Welcome to reality!

Is this my reality,
Why dont you wake me?
Is this my reality,
Why cant you wake me?
Is this my reality,
Why dont you wake me?
So I can be the sorrow I've come to see!

To araid to face the horror
That has happened to me,
This is a cemetary for the mind.


lyrics: R. Varvil, B. Soliday

Hell is my destination for crimes of my creation.
So quick to criminate me, they will not penetrate my soul.
The people, they love to hate me,
They will not penetrate my soul.

* Doesn't feel right, no it doesn't feel right,
Doesn't feel like heaven.

Witness my execution, controlled electricution.
Inside your facination,
I don't need your pity on my soul.
Forgive my adoration,
He is the bearer of my soul.

As for what's to be
Only the truth will set us free.
Is my faith untrue
Is it a mask that I wear for you?


lyrics: R. Varvil, B. Soliday, J. Woltz

I feel the pressure in my head,
I dream what it's like to be dead.
Stupid people try to fuck with my mind,
They don't know what it's like to be blind.

I can breathe, I can beathe if I want to.
I can breathe, I can beathe if I have to..
I can breathe, I can beathe if I want to.
You can't hold me under.

I can beathe with out sucking air,
But all you do is stop and stare.
Keep knocking but thers nobody home,
Just leave me the fuck alone.

I can breathe, I can beathe if I want to.
I can breathe, I can beathe if I have to..
I can breathe, I can beathe if I want to.
You can't hold me under any more.

* Don't bother me with your state of mind,
It's nothing but a feeling for all mankind.
And it seems like a moment caught in time,
It's nothing but a feeling for all mankind.

In my head starting looking around,
It's hard to think with your brains on the ground.
This shit you're feeding me is hard to conceive,
My eyes see what you want to believe.


lyrics: B. Soliday

I don't know how many times
I've listened to you till I'm blue in the face.
If you're wondering why, I've pushed you aside
Let it be said today.

You try but you never know why,
That you can't here your own voice.
When you're lying to me then it's easy to see,
That you've made up your own choice.

* And it feels like it's all going to fall apart in your head

I see these freinds that you've made
Are wilting away, now I'm trying the truth.
I count the second in time you vanished in my mind,
How's that for truth!


lyrics: B. Soliday

A desperate man on the end of his rope,
Watched the sun setting deep in the California sky.
Staring in the face of an eerie calm ocean,
It was the 14th of July.

He lit up a cigarete and pulled down the suitcase,
He packed some things, cause he wasn't coming back.
Showing the world he was worthy of a movie,
Made his debut with his dissapearing act.

He couldn't fill it, no- he couldn't fiil the void.
They didn't know it, then he ran away.

* Run down, they never knew my name.
Count down my fifteen minutes of fame.

He sat at the table with his hands to his head,
Dripping sweat on the letter that his mother would read.
As his mind raced with memories of a bad life,
He broke down just like all of his dreams.

Closing the cover on the book of his life,
Filled with endless pages of the pain that he fought.
As for the letter, well, he never did finish,
Dearest Mother was as far as he got.


lyrics: B. Soliday

This holy place was our child,
Fit to die without a fight.
Feeling like shedding our skin,
These bodies tremble again.

In my dreams you've died
Saving you I've tried,
At least 1000 times before.
One more time we stand
Holding burning hands,
Staring at the open door.

* In time we will believe
 There's no more air to breathe,
We've taken the disease.
We'll find another way,
There's nothing here to save,
It's ended all to soon-
There's no love on the moon

Cold distance is all we leave
Left behind screaming for me.

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