Elijah Emanuel And The Revelations
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    Elijah Emanuel has evolved through several incarnations of The Revelations since 1996. The present line-up of musicians lives in the Mexican border town of San Diego, California. This first- hand view of the struggle of the local immigrants against the U.S. government fueled Elijah Emanuel's imagination for addressing Roots Reggae music to concrete issues. Bilingual in Spanish and English, he has been an activist for Hispanic and African cultural integrity. Elijah has been searching for the essence of reggae; what makes it timeless and universal---and attempting to make that the core of his songs."Where I want to take it[reggae]? Where it's not localized to one geography and not limited to one culture. The music is universal. When I compose songs my intentions are to speak to and inspire people from every country in the world and this because the nature of this music directly connects to the consciousness of all people".

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