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The Fremonts are a West Coast blues band that draws influence from several regional styles of rhythm and blues. From the hypnotic drones of Slim Harpo's Scratch My Back; to hard swinging tunes of West Coast Pioneers Lowell Fulson, Pete Lewis and Pee Wee Crayton, the Fremonts remain dedicated to the electric blues of the 1940's and 50's while working hard to create a sound that is unique to the band. The Fremonts feature Manhattan, Kansas native, Mighty Joe Milsap on vocals, Joe "Joey Boots" Zito on bass, Kurt Kalker on drums, Troy "Pony Boy" Sandow on Harmonica, Smedley B. on piano, and the "Evil Twins" Pat Skog and Tony Tomlinson on guitars. Members of the Fremonts have shared the stage with Billy Boy Arnold, Mark Hummel, Big Jay McNeely, Nappy Brown, Sam Taylor, James Harman, and Carey Bell. From BB King's to Blind Melons and the Belly up, from Harvelle's to the Blue Café, from the Tucson Blues Festival to the San Diego Blues Festival, this group of seasoned professionals has played nearly every major blues venue in the Southwest. Don't let the 50's B-Movie camp fool you; the Fremonts are serious players with extra swingability!

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