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  • Greg Pope - guitar, vocals
  • Jesse Lents - drums
  • Matt Leonard - bass, backup vocals

The Crew was formed in late January/early February of 2002 when Greg had left FTS, and Jesse had left The Provoked. They all felt their bands were going nowhere and were becoming dead end bands. Greg and Jesse had gone to high school together and both knew the others had musical talent and neither of them wanted to give up on making music so they got together and started writing songs. We have been moving quickly along and are enjoying the band. Our original name, The Rejects, came to us because we had been in "reject bands"(no disrespect meant to anyone in those bands). At the beginning of March 2002 we decided to change it to The Crew, finding that the name "The Rejects" was taken by Joey's (from Slipknot) side project. Matt joined the crew in late March 2002 as the bass player.

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