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The Other Band plays familiar Classic Rock songs, primarily from the '60's and '70's, but also including songs from the '50's and a few from the '80's. The band includes a female vocalist, as well as male vocals from the guitarist(s), bassist, and drummer. Depending upon a variety of circumstances, The Other Band may also include a keyboard player and/or saxophonist.

Artists covered include: The Doobie Brothers; Fleetwood Mac; The Rolling Stones; and other prominent Classic Rock artists. The Other Band has played for: Belmont Park; The University Of Wisconsin (1999 Rose Bowl); The San Diego Flash (pro soccer team); The Handlery Hotel; Oakwood Corporate Housing; El Dorado Ranch (San Felipe); Campland; and many others.

The Other Band plays for virtually any type of event, including: private parties; corporate and civic functions (such as street fairs and Summer Concert Series); clubs and bars; etc..

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