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  • Rolo - vocals
  • Keith - bass
  • Mike - drums
  • Don - guitar
  • Stan - guitar

Brutal drum slams, groove oriented guitar riffs, rumbling bass lines and passionate vocals. That is one way to describe System Decay's music. The group is made up of 5 individuals who are determined to make some noise in the world of heavy music. And with their focused energies and dedication they are on their way to accomplishing what they set out to do.

System Decay first met and formed in the spring of 2001. Through hard work and dedication the band wrote a full set of original music and started playing live shows only 4 months after the first practice. Since then System Decay has been making some noise in the San Diego music scene and is gaining a growing following. The band has had strong draws at some of San Diego's best live music venues including places like Canes and Brick By Brick. They have also already traveled to play out of state in the Phoenix area, and plan to start playing other cities such as LA and Las Vegas very soon.

With lyrics leaning towards the darker side of society and music that can be brutal one minute and more mellow and introspective the next, System Decay has created a unique set of heavy groove oriented songs that are helping to fill a gap in the local San Diego music scene. The music is a mixture of the individual member's influences, which range from straight ahead metal bands like Pantera and Slayer to the newer styles of heavy music such as Mudvayne, Slipknot and Meshuggah as well as bands with unconventional intensity like Tool. While each of the members of System Decay thrives on music that is heavy and aggressive, each person's taste in music varies. This difference in musical influences just brings a broader range of sounds into System Decay songs and has helped the band to create a sound that is quite their own.

Intense music is one thing, but System Decay also believes that an energetic live show is equally as important in order to spread their music and win over new fans. At a System Decay show you will be sure that you will see five guys up on stage giving everything they've got, and that that energy will flow through the crowd.

On top of regularly playing shows, the band is always writing new music and hopes to record their first studio album in the spring of 2002. From there, there is no limit to what this band can accomplish.

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