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  • Zack Tanous - vocals
  • Scott "Rock" Rockstead - guitar
  • Kris Bower - guitar
  • Chris Bader - bass
  • Steve Elias - drums
A new sound has arisen from the harnessing of raw battering power into an unadulterated driving force of sound and emotion. What sets Six Foot Deathtrap apart from the trends of today is the ability to overlay this assault with melodic nuances. The San Diego based band was founded in May of 2002 by guitarist Scott Rockstead, whose collection of riffs in need of an outlet was growing at the time to nearly implosive levels. Rock invited drummer Steve Elias and guitarist Kris Bower into the project knowing their respective styles and abilities. As the music began to take shape, it became apparent that the name Six Foot Deathtrap was appropriate for the developing tone. The addition of bassist Chris Bader led to a situation in which songs were being written faster than they could be learned, while finding the right vocalist for the job seemed a near impossibility. After several months of frustrated searching, the band auditioned Zack Tanous who immediately brought to the project the voice it needed. The product is stripped down, groove-oriented metal textured with a wide variety of influences from Pantera and Machinehead to Alice in Chains and Tool. Drummer Elias and bassist Bader hammer out a bludgeoning rhythm that can be felt as much as heard, while mixing dynamic color into the low end. Layered within are the raw, heavy, harmonized tones of guitarists Bower and Rockstead. The message of Six Foot Deathtrap is voiced by frontman Tanous, whose pivotal stylings create moods ranging from disquiet to pure rage within a single phrase. The collective result is a thundering aggression unique in style and diversity.
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