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  • Jared - vocals, Guitar
  • Colin - guitar, Vocals
  • Fox - bass, skin piccilo
  • M.U.D. - drums, skin everything

Technical pop/punk from Southern California, the four members of Sic Waiting form a combination of different styles and influences that to produce a new sound that’s grabbing the ears of everyone who’s heard them. Originating during the millennium, the band brings a fresh sound to the table that is both catchy and creative. With honest lyrics, strong guitars, powerful drum work, and tireless work ethic, Sic Waiting is blazing their own path through the music industry. As part of the Goblin Family, this foursome is set to jump in your face and infiltrate your stereo, so be ready! -------get sic-------

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Street Address:
2427 Catalina Circle apt 570
Oceanside, CA 92056
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