Salt Water Majic

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  • Joey Molina: Vocals
  • Tim Orrahood: Guitar
  • Bob Melanson: Bass
  • Tony Macias: Percussion

Salt Water Majic takes you into the gutter, shoves a bar of soap in your mouth, and kicks you're butt right back into the gutter. Great, Solid, 'Shake That Thang!' type of vibe. Great guitar tones & very tasteful licks (Tim Orrahood-guitarist). Charming you as if you're his pet snake, His presence is felt strong throught the tracks. Vocalist, Joey Molina, totaly crushes you with his amazing range and ability to write some very intense lyrics. There's about 2000lbs of passion in every note. As far as the rhythm section is concerned; Drummer, Tony Macias is a MONSTER!!! Hailing from the Chicago scene, He lays it down with his Sweet, Solid Beats that make you want to move. That would leave the bottom end, Bassist-Bob Melanson. Just kickin' it down there with the drums, complementing the songs with a little bit of soul.

Virtually Music

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