San Diego Musician Resources

Advance Recording
Delivering quality magnetic media products for the last 16 years!
Branfman & Associates
Specializing in intellectual property and entertainment matters new! 02.04.98
Christian Artists And Music Professionals
the Blue Guitar
Featuring luthier Stephen Neal Saqui
Carvin Review
Quad X-Amp Tube Preamp
Carvin Review
S60N Single Coil Guitar Pickup
Disc Makers
Specialize in complete CD manufacturing and cassette duplication packages new! 02.04.98
Dragon's Claw
Band Management Services
Freedom Guitar
Good Vibrations - RJR Digital
Promo CDs in 3 days or less!! new! 02.04.98
the Harmony Music List
One of the world's most respected music indexes
Kitsch & Sync Production
Memphis Brothers Recording Studio
A 48 track recording facility with complete automation and editing capabilities new! 02.04.98
Milano Talent and Booking
Modern Postcard
500 custom cards for $95 new! 02.04.98
Music Teachers of CA (SD Branch)
NorthCoast Productions
Booking the finest venues in all of Southern California
Pro Sound and Music
Pro-audio retailer and repair shop
Proxy Music Productions
24-track analog/digital recording studio
Reader Music Classifieds
The Reader is finally doing free ads online as well!
Recycler Music Classifieds
*Free* ads online and in their print version!
San Diego Songwriters Guild
Regularly scheduled pitch sessions and educational seminars with industry professionals new! 02.04.98
San Diego State Univ. Music Dept.
local USENET news group (requires proper browser config!)
Signature Sound
The perfect place to relax while you work on your next music production project new! 02.04.98
Speck Electronics
Starr Labs
home of the ZTAR MIDI controller
Studio West Custom Sound Recorders
26+ years in the recording business new! 02.04.98
UC San Diego Music Library
UC San Diego MIDI ftp site
UCSD Music Technology
Unknown Origin
Album Cover and other Artwork for the Music Industry
Visual Creations
Creating and Producing Demo Music Video's
Walking Records
Objective is to grow as an indie label, while giving our bands the necessary tools to further their growth and success new! 02.04.98

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