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  • Mark Young - guitar, lead vocals
  • Bob Netcoh - bass, vocals
  • Dave DeMoranville - drums, vocals
  • Sam Boukas - keyboard, vocals
Red Channel Revue is a four piece Jam/Rock band that brews up a powerfully melodic batch of styles ranging from bluegrass and afro-cuban threads to straight-ahead funky rock jams. Recently relocated to Southern California, Red Channel continues to cultivate a happening fan base and spin out super-charged live improv. Look for our self-titled, full length studio release at a hip record shop near you!

We Formed in August of 1997 as a four piece CT/Mass jam band and relocated to San Diego as a three piece a year later. We recently added the jazzy drummer Dave DeMoranville and the multi-talented Sam Boukas on keys, vocals and percussion.

Visit the RCR Homepage where you can listen to MP3's of their music and get up to date show info.
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