Red Dye No. 5: Bio

Red Dye No.5, consists of four innovative popsters from San Diego. Lisah is the voice, along with rhythm guitar and tambourine, Patrick plays guitar and does backing vocals, James plays the bass, and Scott drives the drums like no other. Loud and fuzzy pop songs are the call, but don't be fooled. Fighting against the noisy pop-core in their hometown, this band is standing adamant in their endeavor to show the world that there is a better way to use a distortion pedal.
In May of 1994, Patrick and Lisah had almost given up hope in their search for something different. Buried in their home town by a sea of so-called "pop-core" bands that were garnering national attention, the pair were rejuvenated when they found a rhythm section that shared the very same vision. Once joined by James and Scott, the potential was immediately apparent. From the beginning, the formula for song-writing was simple: melody, energy, hooks, and fuzz, piles and piles of fuzz. Within weeks, the four had entered the studio and recorded their first demo. Shortly thereafter, that first demo was released as a 7" single on the local label Silver Girl Records.
After being re-affirmed by glowing reviews in national publications such as Raygun, C.M.J., Alternative Press, Cake, and a slew of magazines from coast to coast, Red Dye No.5 released a follow-up single on the San Francisco based label Candyfloss Records. To no surprise of the band, the second single was just as well received by the national press, and collegeradio. What followed was a dizzying array of activity which found the band supporting groups such as Julianna Hatfield, Elastica, Low Pop Suicide, Everclear, Jewel, and Hum. Shows with fellow indie bands Versus, Licorice, Swirlies, The Raymond Brake, Hula Hoop, and a host of others also added to their national recognition.
As a means to reach a wider audience, and in order to further spread the gospel of Red Dye No. 5, these four individuals have recently signed with the New York based label, 'Flip Records'. The band currently has an extensive amount of activity planned for the coming months, which will include the release of their first full length effort, both on CD and 12" vinyl. Red Dye is also planning on doing a single or two, and a possible video, with tours supporting their releases. In the meantime, Lisah, Patrick, James and Scott excitedly await setting out to meet you in the coming weeks and months. See you soon!!

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