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  • Pete Berwick - vocals, Guitar
  • Bob Lizik (Brian Wilson) - bass
  • Pat Doody (Lonnie Brooks) - guitar
  • Denny Daniels (Deluxury) - keyboard

PETE BERWICK delivers sweat soaked in your face rock, scorched with country-punk. For over twenty four years Berwick has been blazing through clubs performing his chaotic cowpunk and biker rock songs. From opening shows for Charlie Daniels, to writing songs for Paramount Pictures, Berwick has made his mark. A true musical veteran and pioneer, Berwick is an innovator of cowpunk, listed as one of the top five singer-songwriters by Metro Magazine in Nashville, right alongside Steve Earle and Jason And The Scorchers. Berwick's new album ONLY BLEEDING is a testament to his unique songwriting skills. Ten songs about broken dreams, salvation, and bikers. Only $10 through web site.

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