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    Negus (pronounced Nea-goose) is a Hip Hop artist. His name is Amarhic (Ethiopian language) in origin and means "KING". He has an extensive background in more than one area of music which is evident in his versitile format. This artist is currently based out of San Diego, CA by way of Michigan.

    "My style is a compilation of basically every kind of music I've ever heard"- NEGUS

    Negus released a 3 song single entitled "DanceHall Slaughter" on May 10th. His solo single "DanceHall Slaughter" shows signs of a musical background ranging from Jazz to DanceHall . Currently, He is playing shows in and around the San Diego area to promote the new single, and putting together the next single, "PopaRasi". Right now, Negus is looking to change the medium he uses to reach his audiance by including distribution, marketing, and artist representation. Negus has been around music most of his life and has a background in guitar, bass, and he can play a little keyboard. All of these aspects allow him to put forth a writing and performance style that is ALL his own. He has always been a solo arist but enjoys the collaboration of other artist. Most reciently he teamed up with a Colorado Hip Hop artist and they are working out the details for a project due to come out this Winter. He has worked with live bands in the past and is looking forward to encorperating the live band element again.
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