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Are you ready for a fresh new sound?
Need some life injected into your entertainment value?
Looking for a positive vibe that everyone can enjoy?

Then, you need MINDSHIFT


MINDSHIFT is and upbeat, unique and intensely creative band. Their energy and cross-generational sound consistently pleases their expanding San Diego audience. Working with all original material such as hits You & Me, Playin' With Time and Talk Is Cheap, MINDSHIFT unleashes an arsenal of intense horn lines, heavy guitar licks, exciting keyboard and geniunely inspirational lyrical hooks.

What type of music do they play?

Listen to their demo and you will delight in the lyrics of singer/songwriter Justin Lopez and learn how MINDSHIFT utilizes a unique combination of rock, ska, reggae, swing and old school punk. We have found the best way to characterize MINDSHIFT is by our fan's feedback; they have paralleled us with groups such as Sublime, No Doubt, Rage Against the Machine, 311 and Dogwood. From spiced up Latin classics and swingy dance tunes to powerhouse rock, MINDSHIFT is the perfect mix of old and new, hard and cool.

You need your MINDSHIFT!

Virtually Music

Release: Demo

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Street Address:
2222 Coronado Avenue
Suite E #163
San Diego CA 92154

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