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  • Daniel Sams - vocals, Guitar
  • Kay Sakai - guitar
  • Massa Takemoto - bass
  • Tim Sams - drums

"May Pole" was formed in the summer of 2000.Singer/Song writers Daniel Sams (2 Acre Lot) and Kay Sakai (Dextorin) integrated their musical dreams and inspirations-while on a trip to Japan-to create this POST MODERN CLASSICAL ROCK group.
Little after their return home to the U.S., Daniel and Kay teamed up with drummer Tim Sams (Dihna) and Bassist Massa Takemoto (Sky Shine Groove) who both shared the same dreams.
Collaborating classical, romantic guitar work with aggressive rock rhythms, "May Pole" has created a surreal sound and emotion expressed strongly through passionate vocal melodies.
Inspired by classical music, traditional Asian and Irish folk songs along with Nordic sound and Generation X rock; "May Pole" kicks through the boundaries of typical American college/bar rock and commercial teenage kiddy rock to a more mature and new level of sound.(Acoustic-electric guitars-bass and drums)
"May Pole" hit the recording studio in late January to record their debut album "With Love or Squalor". Engineered-Produced-and recorded by the group themselves, "May Pole" was able to explore the boundryless world of musical creation.
(With over 100 cds sold before its release,) "With Love or Squalor" is available at local record retail stores. May Pole can be heard on San Diego college radio and Independant supporting radio stations. May Pole has perfomed at San Diego clubs, such as Belly Up Tarvern, Brick by Brick, Blind Melons, Dream street, and so on.

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