POD\NINE Publishing Press Releases for theMatter

theMatter at Rest

Carlsbad, CA, March 6, 1997 -- Lacking a permanent drummer and dissatisfied with their bassist, what's left of the band is going ahead with plans to record a new album for POD\NINE Publishing. Some time off is being taken by the two remaining members, Tedd and Todd, to write and record new material. The new recording promises to be very different from theMatter material and there may be a name change. More details will be provided as the situation develops. Tedd is also working independently on material tentatively scheduled to be produced by Scott Mathews of Mill Valley's Hit or Myth Productions in May and June later this year.

theMatter at Guitar Center

Carlsbad, CA, Sept 16, 1996 -- Of course it does! The Southern California band, theMatter, has been named by LA based merchandiser, Guitar Center, as their CyberFolio's Featured Artist of the Month. Dean Josephberg, webmaster for Musician.com, Guitar Center's huge web site, announced that theMatter's pages were up and running as of today--with exception to the RealAudio recorded interview with Tedd due later. The interview, a song sample available for download, pics, as well as some rather old news about theMatter are all featured at the site. theMatter's Webulus home page now reflects the new link.

theMatter Connexx Tedd and Scott

Carlsbad, CA, July 29, 1996 -- Double Vision? Numerous conversations now have transpired between theMatter's lead man Tedd and Mr. Scott Mathews, the world-reknowned producer for many music industry icons, who just sent two alternative hits by a reclaimed Dick Dale straight up to #1. Scott is interested in possibly producing the band and has requested new material. Although no date has yet been set for a recording affiliation, these first contacts mean a great deal to the band. Mr. Mathews has stated, "...THERE IS STRONG SONGWRITING COUPLED WITH PERFORMANCE TO SERVE THE SONG AS OPPOSED TO THREE OR FOUR GUYS GOING IN THREE OR FOUR DIRECTIONS." POD\NINE Publishing will advise if any definitive plans are to be made between Mr. Mathews and Hit or Myth Productions--and report any progress only here on the net.

Fresh Gray Matter

Carlsbad, CA, April 5, 1996 -- theMatter has transmutated. Rob Kittleson on drums has left the band. He has been replaced by veteran drummer boy named Ken. No one knows Ken's last name... Tedd of theMatter (still no one knows his last name) announced the news following the first rehearsal with the new line-up, which also now includes Eddy McAlbert on keys. Tedd also reports that the new sound "will allow the drama of the Anti-Thesis story to feel more fleshed out; and the new songs are sounding a bit bigger now with Ed, so we're just gonna roll it all out as we're ready." The band has also collectively issued the following statement about the new release:"Play It Loud. As Loud As You Can Stand It!"

theMatter will now continue with plans to join Swerve, Rock 105.3's current house band, for a Southwest college/club summer tour. Both bands will double-bill local dates/clubs as well. Dates will be announced as they fill up. The band is off however, for Teddy's wedding to Jilly B over the July Fourth Holiday (see "Sun Melting Ice" on CD). See our webpage for dates starting in May.

Looking To Discover New Elements oftheMatter

Carlsbad, CA, March 22, 1996 -- Although largely unknown, theMatter continue to create new elements in their laboratory of musicality. POD\NINE Publishing also continues to seek new research grants, primarily for special equipment designed to bolster the band-width of their bold experiments.

The chief director for the research team reports that they seek to create:

Videodirectellium in an alloy of Productinium; and

Distribunine in a solution of Marketinium; or

Labelium contact with Distribunine.

Interested in this sort of research? Please respond.

Please call Peter at (619) 720-4943 USA

theMatter to Market a Little Late

Carlsbad, CA, Feb. 10, 1996 -- theMatter will have to wait...the CD release Without Ruth by theMatter is being delayed due to a printing error discovered on the inlay card. The song titles and the album title were overprinted black on the back cover at the plant and will delay the issue of the CD by at least 15 days, POD\NINE reports. Undaunted, the band is preparing for gigs in San Diego County and have announced that Edmond McAlbert will play with the band and may officially join the band. The debut disc, beyond the self-hyped indie band's urging, is gaining some respect among local listeners who received CD's at the Release Party--and they now also own collectable issue! The new date for release is February 27, 1996.

To respond, for information, or for a CD in your snail-mailbox, call Peter at (619) 720-4943 USA or fax (619)720-3791 or e-mail evryware@fia.net

APAM and POD\NINE Publishing To Bring theMatter to Market

Carlsbad, CA, Feb. 2, 1996 -- The CD release of theMatter's, Without Ruth, is being sent to hundreds of radio stations, many stores, and an unusually large number of reviewers and columnists in a marketing program by Agressive/Positive Advertising & Marketing (APAM) and POD\NINE Publishing through July 1996. Promo copies will be going out continuously through late July in an effort to court attention and distribution for the unknown band's radio-friendly rock opera-esque tunes. This will coincide with informative web pages being posted for the band, which includes pics and song snippets as well as an interview with Tedd (guitarist/vocalist). Home page for the band will be available for viewing at the San Diego Area Music pages on the internet.

At this time, sales are direct through POD\NINE Publishing and theMatter at any of their shows, although distribution is being sought through POD\NINE Creative Companies, the owner of the pre-printed UPC, retail-ready Compact Disc. Reaction to the cover is being carefully watched and stickering options are available for distributed copies.

See theMatter's home page for updates. To respond, for information, or for a CD in your snail-mailbox, call Peter at (619) 720-4943 USA or fax (619)720-3791 or e-mail evryware@fia.net

What's theMatter?
POD\NINE Publishing (ascap)
Releases theMatter's Without Ruth in Three Acts

Carlsbad, CA, Jan. 27, 1996 -- theMatter is at hand... The three-piece ensemble celebrated their new release on compact disc with a private party, hosting an estimated 150 people at the Carlsbad Village Theatre downtown this Saturday evening. Following the opening song "Into The Abyss," Tedd, vocalist and guitarist for the band, announced, "We are the Matter and We Got," as they launched into a dance-able rock tune with a great break and hook title. And they went off--for a straight 50 minute set, performing a shuffled dozen of the 15 songs on the CD being sold and given away here late into the evening. Since the band was urged on to play more, another 10 minute organic jam followed that was fairly ecstatic. An extremely intoxicated harp player then stumbled on stage for a very strange blues number that was briefly about Lorraine in a trailer park, but then degraded to a free-for-all which included Leo, guitarist from the Juliet Hour (they opened the show tonight), suddenly appearing on guitar. Tedd had gone behind the curtain, and they made the hand-off without missing a beat. Tedd then closed the performance and the drunk guy on the E harp tripped over a fog machine for a comedic fall off side stage left. The unknown man reportedly suffered a fractured femur, however, he partied here without a sign of discomfort until the wee hours--as did many--especially after the huge Congratulations Cake came out at the end of the show. It was made to look like a gold record plaque.

theMatter is comprised of Tedd up front; Rob Kittleson on his kinetic sounding drums; and Karl Drews, who plays bass with a vengeance and sings baritone background vocals/noises. Together for only six months as a band, they performed very tight. And as well they should since the Theatre is their prized practice space. And indeed, they have a much tighter knit history. Tedd formed Blue Heaven Green with Rob and Edmond McAlbert (who plays keys on the current album for four tunes) and Chris Dejesus (bassist now with BiggadaBetta) three years ago: this, after Tedd and Rob's meeting through the San Diego Reader and Tedd's "EVRY Spinning BEAR" four-song demo. After a disappointing year with fellow rhythm-section man Chris, Rob called it quits, the band failed, and Tedd went off to put songs together with Gary H.(a demo recorder) and Greg Parker (the first bassist auditioned for Blue Heaven Green). Rob was then convinced to rejoin Tedd for a new project in early 1995 after Tedd got inspired listening to tunes he recorded with Gary and a reconciled Greg. But Greg "disappeared again," so Tedd, a prodigious and varied writer, went in the studio for his "Without Ruth" songs with Rob and session man Dene Davidson (LA and SD jazz/rock bassist) and covering some bass tracks himself. Then Tedd and Rob met Karl through a band Ed had subsequently joined where Karl was filling in. After a "couple of takes" for the recording project, the three suddenly formed Matter.

To respond, for information, or for a CD in your snail-mailbox, call Peter at (619) 720-4943 USA or fax (619)720-3791 or e-mail evryware@fia.net or see http://orpheus.ucsd.edu/sdam/artists/matter/

Sometimes by going in pursuit of a thing one gains it; sometimes it is achieved by merely waiting to receive it.

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