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  • JR - vocals, Guitars
  • KS - drums
  • NT - guitar
  • TH - bass, vocals

****** Lipstick "we met up a couple of times in a local copenhagen rock joint" how Jeppe Riddervold remembers the events of 1999 which brought dynamic new act Lipstick together. "Kasper was the first drummer my age, who'd really got that big potential and raw energetic attitude to it! " he continues " I had just moved to the city at that time and was trying to gather a group of ambitious young musicians like myself, wanting to create good music, and be able to perform live and develop as a band. We decided to meet up in the studio with bass guitarist, Tomas Høffding and lead guitarist, Peter Holm (whom I earlier worked with), just trying out a few new songs. We had fun that day, and the result came out promising…" The band was willing to put in the hard work required to hone thier sound. Worked hard both in -and outside the studio. For the record, Jeppe had a daytime job as a salesmanager, Kasper was giving drum lessons, Tomas had another project, Garbo, and Peter was producing an album with danish rockstar Ivan Pedersen, while at the same time attending law school. Sadly that work load led to Peter being the first of the band's rock and roll casualties, and he departed in July '99: For a long time after that Lipstick, remained a trio. They composed, arranged and recorded around a dozen new songs over the next 6 months. The band also played numerous clubs, universities and even highschools during this period, helping not only with recording costs but also keeping the band a dynamic stage presence. : For some of the bigger dates the band hired noted session guitarist, Nikolaj Teinvig, to join them on stage. The demands of the larger gigs as well as a desire to heighten their sound. Led to the addtion becoming permanent. Jeppe: "It just sounds better with two, or so they say." Kasper adds: "Nikolaj has that old fashioned aggressive southern sound, very melodic, and that was just what we needed at that time". Jeppe continues: " Melody is the main keyword for Lipstick. It has to be, otherwise none, including ourselves would wanna listen to it. We are, if any, real down to earth pop lovers. We really love a good pop tune, and I know I´m speaking for everyone around this table."     Listening to the Lipstick demo´s you´ll find out that it comes straight from the heart and that every little detail is built up around a catchy and well written melody. Don´t bore us get to the chorus! Well, you´ll get there and it wont take long. It's all about the hook. : Jeppe is the main writer in the band. He usually comes up with a nearly finished song whenever the guys meet, and from there on there´s no rules -except keeping it simple. : "The songs initally are all real singer/songwriter material" Jeppe notes. "initially it's just my guitar, my voice, imspiration and my imagination. " Jeppe also reflects on a myriad of influences. "Influences to me, are people I grew up listening to like Springsteen, Adams, Kravitz, Crow, U2, Del Amitri and many more. Of course I should add some of my songwriting heroes like Leiber and Stoller and Lennon McCartney, but as I say, there are so many.." : Since Nikolaj completed the Lipstick line up in january 2000, the band´s been working diligently to improve their sound and music. : Lipstick haven't got a record deal as of the moment. But they aren´t in a hurry anyway. In fact they haven't even presented their material to any labels yet, preferring to get things just right. : One thing you can be sure of is that these guys wants to go somewhere, and are more than deserving. It´s obvious in their music, attitude and in all the energy they put into it. You've gotta envy that just a little! Lipstick will keep on doing what they´re best at, and that´s pretty simple. They've got the songs, the ones you wanna hear again and again, songs that stick to your brain for the rest of the day. And they can really play. What more could you possibly ask for?

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