Krystal Lake
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  • Sheldon Tarsha vocals
  • Adam Stephens guitar
  • Justin Curcio drums
  • Jason Curcio bass

Having played on bills with Papa Roach, and Incubus, itís no surprise that this foursome have a heavy-duty attack. What makes it so accessible is how Sheldon Tarshaís higher-pitched vocals complements it all. Like a Blink-182 with harder balls, filtered through a bit of Filter, KLís sound seems customized for KROQ. The production on their new album is good and thereís excellent playing, here, especially from Adam Stephens, whose Jimmy Page-like riffing really rips." - Music Connection Magazine, May 2001

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Level 2 Records... 3123 Hollycrest Drive, Suite 200
Hollywood, Ca 90068

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