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  • T.J. Ferrugia - bass
  • Marlon Hawkins - vocals
  • Mike Wagner - drums
  • R~A~S - guitar
In October 2002, Qwiksand featuring Bassist T.J. Ferrugia, Vocalist Marlon Hawkins, Drummer Mike Wagner, and Guitarist R~A~S from Southern California signed with record label Planet Squared Music™ and have "qwikly" become one of today's hot new, up and coming live national bands. Recorded live in one take with no overdubs, Qwiksand's full-length 2003' debut CD titled: "The More You Groove… The Deeper You Sink" blends funk, groove and ska with a modern rock edge. With solid reviews, rotation at radio stations and a growing fan base across the country, Qwiksand is now performing a 60-minute live show on tour in the U.S. For the latest news, reviews, fan club, concert information, audio, ordering and featured radio stations, see the official Qwiksand site.

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Street Address:
PO Box 3944
Huntington Beach, CA 92605

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Booking & Contact Info:
(714) 846-0650 Ext.3
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