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Keenan Fowler – Guitar and lead vocals
Keenan is the main songwriter in the band as well as the bandleader and manager. Keenan has been playing guitar since age 13 and has always played the blues, from Palm Springs to San Diego and a lot of places in-between. Keenan currently makes San Diego his home.

D. Timothy Schoup – Bass and backing vocals
Tim is the guy that holds it all together in the JVB. In addition to keeping the bottom rock solid, Tim also assists with the songwriting and arrangement of original material. Tim has been playing bass for a lot of years and in a lot of places. Tim currently lives in San Diego.

As far as the drums are concerned, at the time of the writing of this bio, a permanent drummer has not been found.

***Special Guest***
Cliff "The Beef" Pollack – Blues Harp
"Beef" plays one of the baddest blues harps around. His harmonica has taken him all over the world. Beef has been jamming with Keenan for a number of years and is a regular sit-in with the JVB.

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