Jamey Scott's Music Page

These 3 pages offer some examples of the type of work that I do as a composer and sound designer. Although I try to be versatile and keep my feet wet in as many musical environments as possible, the majority of the work that I do (and the type of work that I enjoy the most) tends to be action/adventure orchestral scoring. These are represented by my 2 latest multimedia projects for Presto Studios: Gundam 0079, and The Journeyman Project 3. The other types of music represented here are works that I did for previous projects that range from commercial jingles to large scale multimedia projects. The speaker icons represent where you click to download the appropriate file. The RealAudio files require the RealAudio plug-in, so if you don't have the RealAudio plug-in, go get it by following this link. If you like what you hear and you want to hear it in CD quality, I've also provided them as MPEG layer 2 files. These require much download time, so I would only recommend them if you're connected via ISDN, T1, or fiber (unless of course, you really like it and don't mind waiting!).

I will be updating this page in the future, so please feel free to come back and listen to more stuff as I create it!