Hank Easton: Biography

Easton was born in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. and began playing guitar at age five. He studied classical guitar, french horn, trumpet, and music theory at the Cleveland Institute of Music from early childhood until age 17, before earning a B.S. in Music from The Ohio State University. Moving to San Diego in 1985, Easton's artistic fluency and versatility as a guitarist immediately established him as an in demand performer, sideman and studio musician on the Southern California circuit.

"Show Me A Sign" Fresh. Melodic. Inventive. Like a breath of euphonious, springtime air comes San Diego-based guitarist Hank Easton's new C.D, "Show Me A Sign". Mixing Easton's pop, jazz, rock and blues influences into one seamless, eminently listenable package that fully expresses his myriad gifts as a musician. With catchy, radio-friendly original songs, vocal as well as instrumental, Easton's second release "Show Me A Sign" signals the maturity of an artist whose muse will please fans of many different genres. Easton's sincere enthusiasm for and infectious love of music shines brightly on every single track, not just one or two tracks like most albums. "Provoking emotional responses from people who can't help but relate to what I'm saying both lyrically and musically is what this album is all about," says Easton. "When I listen to music and get goosebumps, I know it's a special song - and that's the kind of response I hope for my own music to evoke."

With a host of Southern Californias most respected veteran musicians and vocalists on board to realize this project to its fullest potential, Easton's "Show Me A Sign" crackles with creative energy, consummate musicianship and pleasing, dulcet material. From the most tender vocal ballads to the smokiest jazz/blues instrumental work-outs, "Show Me A Sign" places Easton comfortably in the company of such contemporary kindred musical spirits as Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, George Benson, and Quincy Jones.

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