The MacAnanys

Since April 1994
The MacAnanys are a San Diego based "Grass Roots Rock and Roll" band consisting of Ryan McAnany on guitar, Wade Maurer on bass, and John Kuhlken on drums. Together, these three talented musicians have taught their friends and followers how to get up, move their feet, and have a good time.

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Ryan McAnany:

Los Angeles, California
Former Bands:
Junction 8, Distant Fathers
"This band gets me excited as the first time I saw the breast on a young red-headed woman in the back of one of those highly educational magazines. Like Barton Fink, we strive to bring our music to the common folk and to relieve them of the daily grind, put the beat in their feet, and get their asses out of their seat. We wanna bring back American Music, such as Blues, Soul, Country (Not the Billy Ray Cyrus country, but the low-down shuffle of Hank Williams Sr. and Gram Parsons)."

Wade Maurer:

Lincoln, Nebraska (or thereabouts)
Former Bands:
The Violators, The Ripcords, The Joads
"Kiss and AC/DC- What else is there? One day, this lady came up and said she'd kick my ass if we didn't play any Country-Western. Hell, we'll play Country (loudly) - now buy me a Pete's Wicked Ale!"

John "The Worm" Kuhlken:

San Diego, California
Former Bands:
"I can't remember anything before Deep in the Shed"
"I like Lucky Beer! I wear boxers sometimes. I'm pretty simple, in lifestyle and in music"

What people say about The MacAnanys' music:


The Byrds, Credence Clearwater Revival, Van Morrison, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Graham Parker & the Rumor, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, R.E.M., X, The Clash, The Pogues, The Replacements, The Rugburns, Spinal Tap, David Letterman And Art Linkletter.

The Debut Album From The MacAnanys

The following files are in Real Audio format on KSDM
  1. Who's to Blame
  2. Where Has She Gone?
  3. Tail Lights
  4. Blessed With You
  5. Working Overtime
  6. Six Smiles
  7. I Won't Bring You Down
  8. Suddenly on Mars
  9. Far Away
  10. Sensitive Guy

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