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    FENIX*TX returns with LECHUZA, the band's first new recording in half a decade. By dictionary definition, LECHUZA is simply Spanish for "owl," and FENIX*TX is simply a Houston-born rock quartet. But such simple definitions never tell the whole truth. For instance, LECHUZA is much more than just an owl. It's the legend of a half-witch, half-owl, all evil creature that searches the night for children. According to legend, if a child hears a whistle in the dark, and has the nerve to whistle back, this Tex-Mex boogey man swoops down from the sky and the child mysteriously vanishes, never to whistle again... And FENIX*TX is more than just a band -- they are a half-Hispanic, half-Caucasian all evil force incarnate - who also search the night for children. More importantly, LECHUZA is the title of their long-awaited sophomore release.
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