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  • Caleb - lead vocals
  • Stu - bass
  • Brian - guitar, back up vocals
  • Chris - guitar, back up vocals
  • Josh - drums
Critical Me was founded in December of 2001, with a foundation rooted in punk. Our main influence is Pennywise, along with some Lagwagon. We're proud of being able to maintain our own original sound, while presenting it in a mainstream style of music. The main focus of our music is both political and social, dissecting life into bits of reality, not just one big spin.

There are currently 4 members in the band, and all are over 21 years of age. The members of the band are Caleb, lead singer/bass guitar, Chris, the lead guitarist, Brian, the rhythm/lead guitarist, and Josh is our drummer.

We've done a variety of shows ranging from beach clubs to block parties, and even some college area shows, including a charity for the leukemia and lymphoma societies.

Here is a list of the clubs we've played:
-Dreamstreet, OB. - Winstons, OB
-The Playhouse, SD - Casa Picante, Santee
-Brick by Brick, SD - Kelly's Pub, El Cajon
the Epicentre, SD
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5649 1/2 Market St
San Diego, CA 92114

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Booking & Contact Info:
(619) 203-5068
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