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Use this for to specify the "genre" for your music. Note that this information is used ONLY to connect people visiting our Web site with your music. We are musicians too, and we do not intend to "pigeon-hole" any bands...but since music fans think of music in terms of "genre," that's what we're using here.
The goal is to allow Web site users to search for music and artists by specify up to three "genres." We will sort artists by the number of genres that match, so make sure you put at least one, and up to three genres, in order of how you think music fans will describe your music. We researched lists "describing" music by genre from important Web sites like Amazon, Billboard, MTV, CDBaby, All Music Guide, iTunes, and more to come up with the lists below. We also let you "suggest" a genre, but remember that we won't include something as specific (and non-descriptive) as "acid blues funk reggae Hendrix Springsteen rock."
Only bands that submit at least one genre will come up in genre search results!

Step 1: One artist or band at a time please!
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Choose 1 to three "styles" or "genres." Feel free to "suggest" another genre, we keep track of all suggestions.
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