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  • Gavin Runyon - drums, vocals
  • Anthony Soto - guitar, vocals
  • Dane Olson - bass

The musical style of Fixt combines the grungy sound of early nineties rock from such bands as Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Pearl Jam, with melodic grooves of modern bands such as Incubus, and the Deftones.
Fixt was formed in October of 2000 in San Diego, bringing together four long time friends and musicians (Scott Bixby Guitar/Vocals, Anthony Soto - Guitar/Vocals, David Miller - Bass, and Gavin Runyon - Drums). Taking only a month to earn their first show, the band fittingly named themselves "One Month." After acquiring and releasing a lead singer, Chris Ortiz, the band changed their name to "Fixt." In August of 2002, guitarist Scott Bixby left the band to pursue other musical interests. Shortly after, in October, bassist David Miller also left the band, leaving Fixt with only two members and a large uncertainty about its future. Only days later, Fixt discovered bassist Dane Olsen, who joined the band and kept Fixt alive.

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