Fetus Boy
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  • Nick vocals
  • Robert guitar
  • John drums
  • Billy vocals
  • Freddy guitar

Fetus Boy is hardcore/tekno band out of San Diego,CA,and may quite possibly be the strangest one from that region also.Started in the spring of 99',they are almost finished with recording their upcoming cd,"Wake up and smell the placenta."The band has 10 members in it,and each member uses his talent's to the extreme. Nick:Lead Vocalist/Recorder/Sampler/Mixer Robert:Back-up vocals/Mixer/Editor John:Drums Billy:2nd Vocalist/Triangle Josh:Tamborine/Back-up Vocals Kenny:Guitar Ryan:Keyboards/Guitar Freddy:Cage Dancer Alan:Bass Ozzy Guy:2nd Cage Dancer

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Santee, CA 92071

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