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Ces Jacuzzi
  • Michael Miller: Vocal and Guitar
  • Chris Michaels: Bass
  • Tim Jeffries: Drums and Percussion

Ces Jacuzzi is a three-member band performing original rock. The band was formed in the summer of 1994 with Mike Miller on vocals and guitar, Chris Michaels' on bass, and Tim Jeffries on drums. On their latest CD, Down to Size, they worked with British rock producer Dennis MacKay (Judas Priest, Al Dimeola, David Bowie, etc.). Ces Jacuzzi's debut self-produced CD Raizin' the Rent is also available in record stores throughout the USA.

Appearances at the Roxy and the Gig in Los Angeles, the Belly Up Tavern, 4th & B, 'Canes, Brick by Brick, and the Pelikan Pub in San Diego, and the Ozone Club in Las Vegas are frequent and well attended. Ces Jacuzzi has also performed with national acts like the Outlaws, WASP, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rick Derringer, and guitarist Tony MacAlpine.

The band has also been receiving a great deal of press, and has been featured in Gig Magazine, Music Connection, San Diego Magazine, SLAMM, North County Times, and in the Las Vegas Music Magazine. The soundtrack for an upcoming indie film, teen murder mystery White Harley Trash will feature three Ces Jacuzzi songs and is slated for release my MCA/Universal. Michael Miller is endorsed by Fender Guitars and Tim Jeffries by Aquarium Drum Accessories.

The band is currently working on new avenues of exposure, including college radio, benefit performances, and a national tour.

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Raizin' The RentDown To Size
CD: Down To Size & Raizin' The Rent

Contact Ces Jacuzzi:

Street Address:
P.O. Box 232165
Leucadia CA 92023-2165

Email Address:

Booking & Contact Info:
760.731.9219 or 760.753.8589

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