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Larry Leurs:  Lead Vocals
Neil Wilson: Guitar
Dave Stegner Harmonica & Vocals
Richard Bryant: Bass guitar & Vocals
Richard Rachel: Keyboards
Gary Binkley: Drums & Percussion

A high-energy blues, jump blues and swing band featuring six accomplished and professional musicians. The Buick Wilson Band offers polished and involving entertainment for virtually every venue or event. BWB's blues music inspires enthusiastic crowd responses and their charisma holds club audiences and draws them back for repeat performances. The glue holding together BWB's bold sound is their respect and admiration for the the blues traditions of the '40s and '50s. The Buick Wilson Band's unique style and diverse repertoire pay homage to the great blues artists of the past and present. The Buick Wilson Band has played all of the major venues in San Diego but you can usually catch them at their favorite clubs The Belly Up and Patrick's II.

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