Buffed Out
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  • Gary Seiler: Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals
  • Scott Burns: Keyboards/Vocals
  • Carey Driscoll: Guitar/Vocals
  • Don Bowman: Horns/Vocals
  • Guy Hufferd: Bass/Vocals
  • Steve King: Drums

Buffed Out was formed almost a decade ago, and is best known as a Jimmy Buffett cover band. They can also play hours of Classic Rock, but their typical shows are about 95% Jimmy Buffett material.

Buffed Out has opened in concert for artists such as: Jimmy Buffett; Willie Nelson; Jan and Dean; and Judy Collins, and has also played for functions for: CBS Radio (Super Bowl XXXII); The San Diego Padres; KFMB; Qualcomm; The University Of Arizona; and many others.

Buffed Out primarily plays for corporate and civic functions, such as street fairs and Summer Concert Series, but is also available for private parties and select club dates.

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