Brown Rubber Band

Who & What We Are

A unique musical experience.

Who and what we are:
It's not the Cowsills or the Partridge Family, but it is a father-son, adult alternative rock band. Native San Diegans, Thom Brown and his father Rick Brown, formed the Brown Rubber Band in October 1994, out of the ashes of their respective bands at the time. Thom and his friend Rick Sinkiewicz, originally from Denver, Colorado, were the driving force behind Moderation, a group of college-age kids having fun and thrashing around. Rick Brown, hobbied in a country/oldies dance band called the Ayces. The merger of these two bands came to be known as the Brown Rubber Band.
The Brown Rubber Band performs a variety of both new and classic rock. Their forte, however, are their original songs, adult alternative rock which incorporates melody, harmony, and musical diversity that some have described as "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young meet REM".

Brown Rubber Band has played numerous clubs, coffee houses and parties in Southern CA and Phoenix, including:

Brown Rubber Band has also been featured on 91X, 92.5 "the Flash", The Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw Morning Show, The Jeff & Jer Morning Show, Rock 105.3, 101 KGB, and AM 1320 in San Diego numerous times (okay, only a few times, but it's a start).

The Brown Rubber Band is:
Thom Brown Lead Guitar/Vocals
Rick Sinkiewicz Guitar/Saxophone/Vocals
Rick Brown Drums/Vocals

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