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  • ELIE ZAR2A - guitar
  • ELIAS EL KHOURY - keyboard
  • ZIAD MOUKARZEL - vocals
  • NADIM EL MURR - drums
  • ZIAD EL MURR - bass

Well, it's kinda ironic the way we all met! It all started with Elie (Lead and Rhythym Guitars) and Elias (Synths and Keyboards) who met in AUST (Amercian University of Science and Technology)(hope this university will pay us for the advertisement;))anyways, Elie studied more than 8 years classical Piano and has been practicing Guitar at the age of 18 (he is now 22),Elias, is still studying MUSIC and is in his 9th year in Classical Piano Courses!Elie had a friend called NADIM who played the DrUms!he was from the same village of Elie's!So, the Base of the Band was formed but without a BASS:), they still need a bassist!:)so they kept asking in the university and finally found one:ZIAD! the band is completed as Elie the guitarist was the one who was singing too until they found me:)ZIAD!Please don't be confused,we have in the band 2 Elie(s),and 2 Ziad(s) and 1 Nadim!I don't know how this happened but believe me it's just a coincidence!Nowadays, we are practicing on our own songs and preparing ourselves for Big Concerts and Pro. Recording to begin our life-Journey with what, every one of us, has been dreaming of to become! Thanks that is if you read this!:) Ziad

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