Blood Fruit

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Blood Fruit
blood fruit - def. - a fruit made by the mixing and hydro pollinating of the female orange and male red grapefruit glands producing a bitter sweet nectar with glowing red and orange colors. Called also 'firefruit.'

How About Us? -- Blood Fruit began in the summer of 1993, the music of guitarist/singer-songwriter/ producer Michael Head performed with his best friends and most musically creative confidants. Starting as an acoustic/coffee house project, the band evolved while rehearsing the tunes with its original line-up of Mike, Chris Petersen, guitars/vocals, and Kathy Olsen on bass and vocals. In December of 1993 BF recorded and released Major*Mystic*Cool, an eclectic mix of 18 songs and themes. The band quickly grew from its organic acoustic roots to a full electric-progressive rock band.

bf photo 1

Here's a photo from those illustrious early days.

As Chris left for film school, Michael, with bassist Kathy Olsen hooked up with drummer Tom Welch to start rehearsing a new live show. Recently, Kathy, Tom and Mike have completed the follow up to the M*M*C CD, doing all of the recording at their own local studio. The cas-single "The G Song" / "Ballista Funk" is now available, and the B-side can also be heard on Recording Magazines Playback cd #5. Big Band Blood Bath is the band latest long play effort and is now available. Also, now available is the seven-inch limited edition red vinyl single STEEL BALLS with the new songs "What's Your Problem," and "Be Happy." Get Big Band!! at our home site/catalog.

The band has been well received both in recording and live performance, with music which deals with the myth of generation X, mixed with alternative, experimental and classic sounds. Gigs have included the OB Street Fair, KGB Skyshow, and the IMS. All three band members wear one red sock, in sleep and in wake, that says "stay away from LA." But they may consider certain opportunities. Leader Mike says he likes his music to be thought of as "pretty standard rock, progressive but not tired like some Yes wanna-be. Kind of like if Cobain played more blues - that Horror- Bluesy -Crimson -Pop-Rock 'thang. It's what all the kids love. Although I hate the phrase Adult Alternative, I guess it is like that - mature rock. "

Blood Fruit is a progressive/alternative rock band who writes songs dealing the issues facing our generation. They mix sounds that are both familiar, strange and beautiful, with cynicism, humor and a dose of reality. They have strong musicianship, and are quite the display in live performance, Though never at the stake of the heart of the matter. The Song. This is an element that has not slipped by and will continue to perhaps be their strongest asset.

"We tried to record a record that was more raw than the first, which was a very scrutinized affair. This time scrutinizing the song and not the recording," says guitarist Mike.

"So we literally used the demos, and added on at the home studio. Instead of letting ourselves get 'floatie' at home, the eight track made us focus more on important parts." The band has also greatly expanded its musical adventures, while focusing more on a "blood fruit" sound.

"If Van Halen was 'brown' (the infamous eighties term for production)," adds Kathy, "we want to be red. A little brighter, a little more scary. "

The band can also be found on the local SD music compilation What Happened at Lake Ariana? with the crowd pleaser "Keith." Look for this and other Head/Trapp recordings at Tower, Off the Record, Lou's, Cow, Doug's, ask or call the above numbers.


Major*Mystic*Cool (1993 - h/t 003.001 CD);

Cassingle "The 'G' Song" / "Ballista-Funk" (1994 - h/t 003.002 ca)

Big Band Blood Bath f/l lp (1995 - 003.003 ca);

Steel Balls - red vinyl seven-inch (1996 - h/t 003.004 vin)

I think I'll see what is up with these records!! at our home site/catalog.

bio: Michael Head has played music for twelve years, migrating from the east coast to study at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. His musical ideas are so far best expressed in his own all original bands. Michael also owns Head/Trapp Music, a small label, studio, publication, as well as information center for local SD independent artists. Michael has produced over twenty-five bands in the last year, including his own, and continues to push for the furtherance of local independent music and living local artists.


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