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  • Keaton Matz - drums
  • Jimy Cecchini - bass
  • TJ Ronacher - guitar
Big Deel is a three piece, new school punk band from the South-bay area of San Diego. Although their brand of pop-punk is a unique style all on it's own, they have been compared to such bands as MxPx, Blink-182, and NOFX. The band says that their wide variety of musical influences help create an overall sound that anyone can enjoy. If not known for their unique sound, they sure are for their energetic live performances. This band really knows how to work a crowd. Between their stupid jokes, TJ's smokin' guitar solo's, Keaton's technical drumming and Jimy's bizarre onstage antics, Big Deel has their fans in a state of total awe from the begining to the end of the show. Big Deel will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the near and distant future...
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San Diego CA

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