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Jerry Raney - solo projects

As of Jan. 1996, Jerry Raney began to look at a solo project

This page is still under construction as there is little to report

Jerry Raney grew up in the central valley of California. He began playing music at a young age. As the elder statesman of the BFers, he actually helped form the band when Country Dick asked the question "Do you want to start a musical adventure?".

Upon starting the BFers, Jerry's song writing was imediately noticed from the first album "Tales Of The New West". His loud guitar was always noticed within the context of a song. Jerry always is there to play and have fun. This is why so many people like him.

Jerry's project is called "Raney Blue". It involves a collaboration with Buddy Blue (a former BFer). Unfortunately, Buddy recently left the band due to his writing career. "Raney Blue" is now still playing but is looking for a new name (obviously). They are playing around the San Diego area and may release an indie CD in the future.

After so many years on the road with the BFers, Jerry is finally able to spend some long awaited time with his family. He is busy writing new music and you never know what will happen when the phone rings.

As news becomes available, it will be posted here.

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